Secrets to Female Empowerment in Business

In celebration of International Women’s Day today we are focusing on Female Empowerment. The key to female empowerment in business is recognition and appreciation. This is an important goal for many ambitious women, but it can be challenging to attain when success doesn’t come easily – making matters worse is the perception that any woman […]

Incorporating Diversity into Your Communication: A Guide to Authenticity

In the workplace, communicating with authority is a key element to fostering diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB). Knowing how to effectively communicate with colleagues and management is critical in order to create a respectful environment that embraces different ideas and perspectives. Through DEIB initiatives, organisations can not only increase productivity but also create an […]

How Unconscious Bias in the Workplace can negatively affect your LGBTQ Employees

The LGBTQ community is often underrepresented in the corporate world, and when they do make it through the hiring process, they are faced with a new challenge: unconscious bias. Unconscious bias is a hidden form of discrimination that exists within workplaces and can have a serious negative impact on career development for LGBTQ employees. Unconscious […]

Why Disability Awareness Training in the Workplace is Important

Disability Awareness is a topic that is essential for both employees and employers. There are many ways to promote disability awareness in the workplace, but the most important way is through education. Employers can provide training on how to be more accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities, and employees can learn about what disabilities […]

Looking Back on 2022

It has been a busy year for the Netwomen™️ team, and we thought it only fitting to delve a little deeper as to what we achieved, and some highlights, over the past year.  At the beginning of 2022 Netwomen™️ consisted of CEO, Pinky Ghadiali, and 8 Ambassadors. Since then, it has grown to over 10 […]

7 Productivity Hacks to help you get back on track

Are you struggling to stay on task? Do you ever feel a little incomplete at the end of your workday, feeling like you could’ve done more? It takes a few productivity hacks to help you work more efficiently and, most importantly, leave you with more free time every day to do the things that bring […]

Why leaders need to reshape organisational culture for the next generations

The next generation (Gen Z and Millenials) have been identified as the most expected to leave their jobs. Therefore, it is crucial to understand their organisational culture expectations. The definition of organisational culture is: the way people collaborate and motivate each other, the way decisions are made, and the way value is created within an […]

6 ways a community benefits your organisation

Our commitment to making a difference in society is embedded in everything we do and our aim is to help create positive, enduring change in the world. We do this by connecting people to uplift each other within our global community of women.  What we can’t say enough of is that you get out what […]

10 ways you benefit from joining a community

You get out what you put in A community’s value is directly tied to the quality and frequency of each individual’s contributions. It helps a lot that there are so many benefits from being part of one!  Here are 10:  1. Grow your professional network Netwomen can help you build deeper relationships with people who can […]