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Listen to Netwomen’s lastest updates, advice you can use in your home and work life, and our take on newsworthy events in our brand new postcast, Netwomen Uncut.

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Episode 1: Welcome to Netwomen Uncut!

In this episode we talk about our 5th birthday celebrations, how to actually achieve a work-life balance when working from home, and Pinky carrying enough balloons to start a sequel for Up. 


Episode 2: Imposter Syndrome

Today we delve into 5 goals we would like to achieve by the end of the year and how self-doubt and imposter syndrome can inhibit us in achieving these. We go through some important techniques to use when you feel overwhelmed, and how to recognise the tell-tale signs of anxiety. 

Episode 3 – Toxic Relationships. 

**Content Warning** This episode discusses personal accounts of sexual assault and abuse that some listeners may find disturbing. Today, we welcome Amanda Thomson to Uncut, who bravely discusses her personal experiences in regards to toxic relationships. From being in a position of extreme vulnerability, Amanda shows us her journey of taking back control in her life.

Episode 4 – Movement and Mindset

This week Pinky talks to Hedi Shah from Jump, who discusses the importance of mindset within movement, the complexities of ‘fitness’ and how your body and mind are truly connected. 


Episode 5: Career woman to Female founder

In this episode we talk to Kathryn Rose the founder of WiseHER in USA. We uncover her struggles with working in a male dominated career and the toxic relationship she had with her bossat the time and how she overcame the barriers that many females face. And why she started WiseHER- one our netwomen partners.  


Episode 6: Being a mum and a business owner

Today we chat with Anya Pendlebury the founder of Sofya Style magazine and radio who tells us about her mental health struggles from a toxic relationship to owning her business after having her daughter. Sofya Style magazine is one of our  netwomen partners.


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