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Elevating Ambitious Women Across the Globe

Creating a sustainable future for women as entrepreneurs, leaders, and c-suite executives.

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The Glass Ceiling is STILL THERE!

You have bumped into it so many times that the glass is getting smudgy.

So have all the women around you, as well as the women who came before you.

Together we can make sure that you and the women behind you don’t stay trapped behind the glass.

By taking steps to create pay and promotion parity, we can create a more sustainable future for businesses, entrepreneurs, and  people of all genders.

Get your sledgehammers, ladies. We have work to do.

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Netwomen™ Has the Tools You Need to Shatter that Glass Ceiling

Join the Movement

Peer Connection. Global Collaboration. 

Get the coaching, the connection, the network, and the support of women across the world who want to see you succeed. Get focus and clarity with group coaching. Gain results faster with support from and accountability to over 7,000 business owners and professionals in your network.

Corporate Programs

Use Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to Transform Your Company’s Future.

Learn how your HR, your upper management, and your employees can work together to create a more diverse and inclusive team that builds your profit margins. You can retain, elevate, and sustain the workforce of the future while increasing your profitability by up to 25%.

1-on-1 Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Get Moving Forward.

Develop your leadership skills so that you can confidently adapt to change. That means embracing empathy, compassion, and inclusivity as powerful leadership tools. Netwomen founder Pinky Ghadiali can help you not only empower yourself but by extension your team.  Get rid of burnout, self-sabotaging thoughts, and the dreaded “imposter syndrome” by trusting yourself and the inclusive team you have built with tools and mindset work developed especially for leaders like you.

Getting the chance to meet business women from around the world was inspiring and empowering, and gave me more confidence to pursue aspects of my own career. I will definitely be looking out for more events organised by Pinky and
- Samantha Horobin

At Netwomen™ we understand the position you find yourself in. 

We’ve been there ourselves. 

These targeted programs go after the three pillars that we see holding women back from gaining equity in the workforce and in the marketplace:

Peer Support and Networking – Know you are not alone.

One-on-one Coaching – To get you past your self-limiting beliefs and embrace your strengths.

Corporate Training – We can’t do this alone. It’s time to wake up our allies in the workplace and motivate them with profit-driving strategies that prepare everyone for the future of work.

I am honestly so proud to be part of the global netwomen movement of closing the gender pay gap, the ethnicity pay gap and elevating all women everywhere. Get involved like me! It will be the best, most rewarding decision that you ever make. I guarantee it

- Farlan Guy-Inglis

Doing nothing costs something incalculable.

Whether the result is a lack of confidence, fear of your own voice, or feeling overwhelmed by the monumental task of getting the workplace to change, doing nothing is costing you.

It costs you time.

It costs you money.

It costs you self-worth.

Time to do something about it

For you, for your company, for the women coming up behind you.

It became very quickly apparent that the small cost of membership was far outweighed by the benefits. Every session is welcoming, and every session gives you something to think about to move forward in your business. Definitely recommend. - Katharine Matthews

Being a part of netwomen has been crucial for me in my business and personal growth. Having your own business can be a tough and sometimes lonely experience so its even more important to be part of such a wonderful network. I would highly recommend joining netwomen for anyone looking to be part of a supportive empowering community. - Zoe Longford

I joined towards the end of last year and recommend anyone who would like to expand their business network. The membership is great value. - Heather Pownall

Netwomen is a brilliant supportive community for women of all different ages and backgrounds to connect. It has been pivotal in my career progression and professional development - Claire S

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It’s lonely at the top. You don’t have to do this alone. Whatever you want to achieve whether it’s developing your business or progressing


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