Investing in yourself or your team is the best investment you can make

Why Coaching?

  • Effective leadership skills and increased self-confidence
  • A higher degree of influence and better negotiation skills
  • Improved authority and credibility
  • Recognition and reward
  • Career advancement and promotions
  • Better performance for you and your team
  • Better productivity
  • More decisiveness
  • Business and revenue growth

What you will get

  • 12 week 1:1 coaching program- leadership themes such as imposter syndrome, confidence¬†
  • Understand and optimise your leadership style
  • Understand and improve your communication
  • Understand and address leadership challenges¬†
  • Build on your strengths and improve on areas of difficulty
  • Achieve your goals and objectives
  • Support and accountability
  • Additional unlimited access to resources and videos on the app
  • Discount on the program when you are a member of


Aspiring leaders or C-suite execs looking for a safe, non judgemental space to grow and develop. Leadership is hard, let me hold you accountable and be a soundboard. Discount with your membership.

Weekly video calls online for you to attend to elevate your performance, accelerate career growth and accountability.

You can book a call here with Pinky to discuss 1:1 coaching and group coaching.