Investing in yourself or your team is the best investment you can make

Why Coaching?

  • Effective leadership skills and increased self-confidence
  • A higher degree of influence and better negotiation skills
  • Improved authority and credibility
  • Recognition and reward
  • Career advancement and promotions
  • Better performance for you and your team
  • Better productivity
  • More decisiveness
  • Business and revenue growth

What you will get

  • 30 minutes monthly group coaching with 12 women. Led by founder and coach Pinky
  • Monthly leadership themes such as imposter syndrome, confidence¬†
  • Understand and optimise your leadership style
  • Understand and improve your communication
  • Understand and address leadership challenges¬†
  • Build on your strengths and improve on areas of difficulty
  • Achieve your goals and objectives
  • Support and accountability
  • Additional unlimited access to resources and videos on the app
  • Included with your membership


Women in business or in careers looking for a safe, non judgemental space to grow and develop. Included with your membership.

No. Of course it’s beneficial for you to attend each month for your performance, growth and accountability.

You can book a call here with Pinky to discuss 1:1 bespoke coaching.