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Netwomen founded in 2015 is a supportive, collaborative community for ambitious women of all ages and backgrounds. Our monthly meet-ups are relaxed and welcoming with a non-salesy style that attracts women who are new to business, those well versed with networking, career women and even women/mums returning to work or setting up their own businesses. The main purpose of creating this community of amazing women was to build a robust support network; not just online, but in person.

Netwomen.co Edinburgh (previously WiNE) events are on the third Wednesday of the month and Netwomen.co Glasgow (previously WiNG) meets on the last Tuesday. Netwomen.co London is coming…

Our monthly face-to-face meet-ups are very popular and we are passionate about creating an environment that empowers and supports ambitious, like-minded women encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing. We are a community of more than 3000 inspiring ladies consisting of the Edinburgh and Glasgow Facebook/ meet up groups and we are growing fast. I am constantly inspired to see so many great women raising the bar and killing it!

No matter what level you are at, there is always another challenge to conquer or a goal to reach. To raise the bar, you need to stay laser-focused on your objectives. Netwomen events offer a space to share these goals. It doesn’t matter if they are career, business or personal, there is always something more to learn. That is why we offer mastermind groups, personal development workshops and training with leading experts as part of your membership.

Pinky Ghadiali


For 19 years I had a very successful career as an optometrist, but I felt something was missing. In 2007, after my son was born, I embarked on a journey of personal development, health, wellbeing, and fitness. It was a process, but I finally became a much more confident woman and in doing so I realised that I was so much more than just my career. It was a real struggle at times as I didn’t have my close family around me, I realised that I needed to find like-minded people who really understood where I was and what I was facing.

I tried a lot of networking events, but they weren’t attracting the people I needed to meet and connect with. They were more often than not, male-dominated and very sales-focused. I realised that being an entrepreneur can be a lonely existence, even in a room full of people. I remember sitting in my tiny dark optometry practice room one Friday afternoon on a Scottish summer’s day in 2015 contemplating the too often encounters with ‘dodgy salesman’ types at those networking events. I wondered if I would ever find fun, relaxed, supportive networking events where I could build valuable relationships with people who understood me. It was then that I decided to create my own community and go searching for others like me – WiNE was born. Women in Networking Edinburgh was going to be a place for like-minded women who were interested in supporting and encouraging each other.

Here we are five years later, I am on a mission to create a real impact. My why is my family, my beautiful Son. I feel like I finally have a purpose in my life, it only took 40 years, but I am so grateful to be here and doing what I am so passionate about. I want to pass that passion forwards and help as many people as possible change their lives and become more successful. Netwomen.co Edinburgh and Glasgow are for like-minded women who are as passionate as me in supporting and encouraging each other – come join us and see for yourself.

As a women’s business and life coach, I see women every day that are being held back by their low-confidence, imposter syndrome and self-doubt. My self-confidence coaching and leadership courses are designed to help you overcome personal and professional issues so you can become the best version of you.

My personal development programmes use a blend of neuro linguistic programming (NLP), institute of leadership and management coaching and girl-talk to transform your confidence and wellbeing at work. We’ll work together to create a killer mindset that dismisses your inner critic and cultivates a strong sense of self-belief. Throughout the programme, you’ll develop practical skills to boost your confidence and allow you to become empowered to take on whatever life throws at you. Learn more.

Ceza Ouzounian

Glasgow (WiNG) Organiser

Ceza Ouzounian is a Fitness & Energy Coach, who is passionate about enabling women to break the shackles, trust themselves and create the life they desire from a place of confidence, courage and alignment.

She is one of the founding Mentors worldwide for the Energy Alignment Method. She is an international Health and Fitness Mentor, who has had more than 4,000+ people through her Pilates and Burlexercise class in the last 5 years.

Ceza has spoken at national networking groups, featured in Global Woman magazine and leading fitness blogs, had articles published on Thrive Global and appeared on numerous blogs and podcasts.

Ceza is on a mission to touch the lives of millions of women to create a world where women feel comfortable to be who they are without judgment and prejudice and can live an authentic life they love.

Ceza joined WiNG to meet other inspiring women, to make connections and be part of an amazing community. Becoming a WiNG Ambassador was the next natural step to be able to create a space for women to come together, learn from each other and grow their business.

Clare Nisbet

Edinburgh (WiNE) Organiser

Clare is a Nutritional Therapist and Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher plus chocolate lover! She studied biology at Edinburgh University, but her own journey with autoimmune disease found her delving into the depths of how vitamins, minerals and herbals act in the body for balancing, optimising and cleansing. Nutrition is so powerful!

Clients reduce their inflammation, balance gut bacteria, clear out toxins and regain their energy alongside learning techniques to reduce stress and be more present.

She does eat cake and chocolate, and have a drink! So no judgement here. Just meeting you where you are at and helping you transform your lifestyle through nutrition!

She joined WiNE/netwomen to meet more amazing women in business, build connections and create lasting friendships. By taking on the role of Netwomen Ambassador, she gets to teach out to even more women to help support them in their businesses.

Maria O'Meara

Oxford Organiser

Maria O’Meara Empowerment and Personal Performance Coaching, Oxford, London was born out of my absolute passion for continuous self-development and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of personal performance. 

For me Personal Empowerment is not simply a job or business interest, it is a life long passion and vocation. I quite literally live and breathe Empowerment. I believe this to be the difference that makes a difference!

I love spending time with my family, inspiring them to embrace life and I dedicate my life to equipping them with the psychological tools and effective strategies that will enable them to live and enjoy life to the full.

Being part of Netwomen to me means support, advancement and opportunities.

Being connected with other professional women it fills me with confidence and strength in so many different levels. It allows me to share my ideas, receive kind minded feedback and bounce of other awesome minds new fresh concepts. 

Netwomen opens up horizons both in a personal and professional level. Netwomen have access to new career and business opportunities; information for advancement and training and of course friendships. Netwomen is a brilliant way to network, connect and have fun. Thank you Netwomen; thank you Pinky. 

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