7 Productivity Hacks to help you get back on track

Are you struggling to stay on task? Do you ever feel a little incomplete at the end of your workday, feeling like you could’ve done more? It takes a few productivity hacks to help you work more efficiently and, most importantly, leave you with more free time every day to do the things that bring you joy (Which is the most important thing!).


Plan Your Day

The first step to being productive is planning a day’s schedule in advance. You should know what you’re doing, when you’re doing it, and how long on any given day. Without a schedule, you’re likely to miss out on important tasks. Write down a detailed plan of the day early morning or the night before. Write everything you need to do so that you have a sense of direction and know what to focus on next. 

Set Times to Check Your Email

Checking emails and messages are one of the main distractions that wastes valuable time during the workday. Choose two times a day for checking emails, preferably before lunch and before finishing the day’s work. You can let people know this via auto response if you’d like so that people respect these times.

Learn to Say “No”

Saying no can be hard for some, we have all struggled with it from time to time. But, if you want to boost your productivity, you can’t allow others to order you around every now and then. Learning when to say no is one of the most important things to lead a satisfied life.

Workspace Guidelines:

Do Colours Impact Productivity?

Studies by Frontiers in Psychology, suggest that red and blue colours improve brain performance, with red known to increase attention to details while blue sparks creativity. You could even surround your workplace with these colours to enhance productivity. 


If you are working from home or remotely, create a dedicated workspace where you’ll go to work and leave once you’re finished. Other areas that you often relax in will blur the divide from the work day and down time leading your work to be less productive.

Get Your Vitamin D

Create your workspace near natural light. Exposure to sunlight improves sleep, thereby contributing to your well-being and productivity levels.

Express Yourself to Feel Inspired

If you’re lucky to have a dedicated workspace, you should decorate it! Personalising your workspace can be one of the most fun and rewarding remote work hacks. 

While decorating can seem counterproductive, when you are comfortable and inspired in your workspace, you are more likely to stay focussed with the tasks at hand, and naturally, our productivity levels increase over time.

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