DEIB Is More Than Just the Right Thing to Do: It’s Also Good for Business

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) initiatives have become increasingly important for businesses of all sizes. In addition to being the right thing to do, DEIB initiatives can also have a significant positive impact on a company’s bottom line. A number of studies have shown a clear correlation between DEIB initiatives and financial performance. For […]

The Business Case for Diversity: How DEIB Impacts Organisational Success

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) have become crucial factors for organisations seeking long-term success in today’s complex and interconnected world. In an era where businesses are operating in diverse markets and facing diverse challenges, embracing and promoting diversity within an organisation is no longer just a moral imperative but also a smart business decision. […]

Leading with Empathy: The Key to Inclusive Leadership

In today’s rapidly changing and diverse world, leaders face the challenge of fostering an inclusive environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered. The traditional command-and-control style of leadership is no longer sufficient. Instead, leaders who embrace empathy as a core leadership skill are better equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace […]

Company Reviews Can Be a Lifeline

“This company doesn’t care about its employees. If it did, I could unplug on vacation, but I can’t!” “Management could care less if I need a mental health day. Not a place who cares.” “I felt the pay and benefits were not keeping up with the workload.” “Stay away! Way too many hours and so […]

Cut Costs and Retain Your Talent!

Human capital, rather than technology, is your biggest asset. Why aren’t you investing in retention? The most in-demand skills today are communication, teamwork and customer service according to Pearson, a learning company. A recent NatWest study shows that almost 30% of businesses struggled to replace employees they had lost last year. Refine the way you […]

5 Ways to Promote Better Diversity in Your Leaders and Teams

Leaders are often tasked with ensuring a more inclusive environment for all employees, from hiring practices to company culture. This can be an uphill battle, especially when companies have been founded based on race or gender; however, there are ways to create a diverse workforce that can bolster morale and efficiency within your organisation. To […]

7 Emotional Intelligence Behaviours to Foster Success at Work

Have you ever pondered the term ’emotional intelligence’ and considered its implications for your professional life? Perhaps, during periods of emotional instability; however, do not discount the notion that this term could prove useful for success in any field. Have you ever experienced an intense moment at work when you’ve struggled to maintain composure? Perhaps, […]

Creating an Inclusive Culture to Unlock Diversity

In order to be successful at reducing gender disparity in business, organisations must foster a culture which values and supports any initiatives aimed at achieving it. This requires dedicated effort from everyone – employees as well as managers – leading up to concrete actions being taken towards this goal. Despite the numerous attempts that have […]

Secrets to Female Empowerment in Business

In celebration of International Women’s Day today we are focusing on Female Empowerment. The key to female empowerment in business is recognition and appreciation. This is an important goal for many ambitious women, but it can be challenging to attain when success doesn’t come easily – making matters worse is the perception that any woman […]

Diversity in Trucking? Yes, it is a Must!

Did you know, according to Trucking HR Canada, that females are only about 4% of truck drivers in Canada?  Working females in the country make up approximately 48% of the population, so something is missing.  Why are the females not in the trucking industry? I worked over 23 years in the trucking industry (and back […]