Company Reviews Can Be a Lifeline

“This company doesn’t care about its employees. If it did, I could unplug on vacation, but I can’t!”

“Management could care less if I need a mental health day. Not a place who cares.”

“I felt the pay and benefits were not keeping up with the workload.”

“Stay away! Way too many hours and so much stress!”

I know what you think…but ‘reviews are only disgruntled employees and who cares what they say.’  Ok, that is fine if you have one hundred reviews and only one person said something negative.  However, company reviews can tell you how you are doing or what the perception of your company is out there.  Reputation can kill a company if it is not a good one.  It’s important when employees leave that you and your leadership team find out why. A best practice is to have an end of employment discussion for honest feedback without any reprimand (meaning for example, if you promised a reference letter you don’t take it back now because of some honest words from the employee you don’t like.)

If we look at the examples above, there are a couple different themes. Do you see them? Lack of support, no inclusion, and lots of stress.

Let’s take a step back. When was the last time you looked at reviews for your company? Reviews can be found on Google, Indeed, Glassdoor and many other places. These are also some of the platforms where you may be posting job openings that also have reviews by previous employees. If you put yourself in the shoes of an applicant who thinks the job is fabulous, and 50% of the reviews on the platform are similar to the ones above, would you apply? Or second guess applying? I would. Who wants to work for that company?

In today’s world, applicants want inclusive, diverse workplaces where work/life balance is applauded, hybrid or remote work is a possibility (depending on the job type of course – a forklift driver can’t help you if they are not on site) for those days when they just can’t get in – think childcare, snow days, etc., and not to forget equitable and fair pay for the position and workload.  All these things, if present in policies, are part of the practiced culture, and are reviewed and updated annually, can change the reviews above to more positive ones when someone leaves your company.

“This company genuinely cares about its employees.  I can even unplug on vacation without reprimand.”

“Management cares and listens if I need a mental health day. A place who cares.”

“I felt the pay and benefits were definitely keeping up with the workload.”

“Work here! Great hours, and support if I get stressed out!”

What a difference these statements make to those who want to apply to your job opening, which because you are a great diverse, equitable, and inclusive place to work, was only open due to a well-deserved retirement.

What does this type of workplace look like? They use listening techniques to understand the needs not just of the customer or just the leadership team, but of their employees too. They ensure pay and other equities, so everyone has access to what they need to do their job and be respected. They are diverse and inclusive of all levels of an organization for decisions that affect everyone. They continually develop their leaders and teams in the policies around acceptable behaviours and discipline accordingly.

If you want to go to work knowing you are retaining your awesome talent, everyone (on most days) is happy at work, and you listen, it is possible for miracles to happen.  Innovation may go up, brainstorming ideas to save costs could increase, buy in to new policies or culture changes can happen more easily, and you as a leader, may also have the chance to unplug on vacation for the entire vacation! You deserve it too.

Moral of this blog? Read those reviews. Take every single negative one seriously and see if there is a theme. If there is or is not, you need to dig deep and make necessary changes for a great workplace with higher sales, happy employees, great company reviews, and your favourite – a great bottom line!

If you are in the trucking and transportation industry and needing some support or looking to do some training or re-training of your leadership team around Inclusive Leadership through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) or through HR DEI strategies, contact me today so we can talk about how I and Netwomen can help: and Not in trucking? No problem. Simply email and someone will get back to you.

In the meantime, go look at those reviews. What are they telling you your company’s challenges are with your workforce? Analyze them. Actively listen. Take action. Ensure diversity. Embrace equity. Applaud inclusion.

Written by: Tara Lehman

April 2023

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