The benefits of Peer connection

According to the Harvard Business Review, 55% of people in work life will often turn to their peers when they want to learn something new. Netwomen hold peer connection events every month where we share our challenges with women who understand the work life struggles, celebrate our wins together to keep us motivated, hold each […]

10 ways you benefit from joining a community

You get out what you put in A community’s value is directly tied to the quality and frequency of each individual’s contributions. It helps a lot that there are so many benefits from being part of one!  Here are 10:  1. Grow your professional network Netwomen can help you build deeper relationships with people who can […]

How hiring talent begins with retaining your employees

I dislike starting off a blog post with ‘due to the global pandemic’ because Covid-19 hascaused A LOT- right?! But seriously- the pandemic has caused a tidal wave of peopleto revaluate their lives and rethink their priorities. Due to this, we are seeing the rise of theGreat Resignation. Everyone is looking to hire because everywhere […]