How Unconscious Bias in the Workplace can negatively affect your LGBTQ Employees

The LGBTQ community is often underrepresented in the corporate world, and when they do make it through the hiring process, they are faced with a new challenge: unconscious bias. Unconscious bias is a hidden form of discrimination that exists within workplaces and can have a serious negative impact on career development for LGBTQ employees. Unconscious […]

Why you should kick-start a workplace wellbeing plan this January!

Christmas and New Year are often a season of extravagance, during which we indulge ourselves with copious amounts of alcohol and chocolate. This is particularly true in December when compared to any other time in the year. As the festive season draws to a close, that final selection box will surely be purged of its […]

5 Things Female Tech Leaders Must do to Succeed

There are many reasons why women in tech need to continue to succeed. Women in tech represent a diversity that is often undervalued and underrepresented, and they bring different perspectives and experiences that can help organisations improve their overall effectiveness. Female leaders in technology must be proactive in order to ensure their success, as well […]

Why DEI Job Cuts Will Hurt Your Company

Recently the Bank of England warned us that the UK is on the brink of a recession. According to EY “High energy prices, elevated inflation, rising interest rates and global economic weakness mean the UK economy is expected to be in recession until the middle of 2023”. Whilst not minimising the effect that a recession […]

Why aren’t more women in Tech?

Getting women into tech careers has never been more important. However, it has been shown that even at a young age, girls are steered away from it. The Guardian says that apparently, teachers believe old-fashioned stereotypes about subjects such as design and technology and computer science put girls off choosing them at school. We believe […]