In this first week of Money May, we are talking again about NFT’s, after all, they are not
going away any time soon! What started as a humble internet hype branching off from
crypto, has turned into a multi-million-dollar business backed by superstars, such as Snoop
Dogg or Justin Bieber. Despite women only making up 5% of the crypto community, women
have been making ground-breaking headway to change these percentages and get us
women involved! Celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Eva Longoria are backing women-led
NFT projects and Paris Hilton selling out her own NFT collection.
In this blog post, I’m listing 3, in no particular order, of various sizes, women-led projects
that you shouldn’t miss out on!

1. Kimeras: Women in STEM careers
Kimeras is a one-of-a-kind project that promotes women in STEM. Since the industry is
strongly male-dominated, women need to often go above and beyond compared to men to
“make it”. Unfortunately, due to these immense pressures, many women end up having to
make the impossible choice between their personal, and career lives.
The artwork from Kimeras created by Naidea H. is powerful. Kimeras was founded by Idamis
Fuenmayor, a Venezuelan doctor, turned IT engineer, mother, and wife. Kimeras is here to
raise awareness, educate the community about everything STEM, and give back by releasing
at least 15% of their funds to offer either a Solidity coding developer boot camp for
beginners or acquire laptops for underprivileged women starting in the STEM field.

Members of the STEM field are encouraged to freely share their knowledge, for which they
can be rewarded with the $STEM tokens in return.
Follow them for free on their Discord, Twitter or get more detailed information about the
project on their Website.
2. Lisaodt
Lisa Odette is a 3D, 2D artist and animator who loves to explore the female essence through
shapes and colours. She is a part of the A Human Agency- art as a vehicle for change. When I
came across her Mina NFT, I thought to myself, this is one of the most beautiful pieces of art
work I’ve ever seen! The moving of the image yet the stillness. Truly a masterpiece. We shall
continue to enjoy supporting Lisa and we hope you do too!
Find her at

3. World of Women-
is an NFT community celebrating representation, inclusivity & equal opportunities for all.
Basically what Netwomen stands for too!
The collection is the work of Yam. According to the wow website “The universe built by her
has a colourful and characteristic style that is recognizable, approachable and diverse. Her
art pieces are inspired by her life experiences, her multicultural background and her
We love how this project has taken off and just how many people have gotten involved!
Find them here at

More and more strong women are joining the NFT world to disrupt the space, and it’s
looking promising…