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What is a mastermind group and why do i need it?

If you are feeling isolated working from home and looking for more tailored support in our amazing community of high achieving women then you might be interested in our mastermind groups. 

 Join an amazing group of women to brainstorm and problem solve for your business. Don’t ever feel stuck! We will come up with a solution(s) for you.


You don’t have to do this alone. Whatever you want to achieve whether it’s developing your business or progressing your career you will get much closer to success faster, with support networks brainstorming and mastermind groups.


What you need YOUR:





What you will get:

Virtual calls every 2 months for 1 hour in smaller breakout rooms of 3 women facilitated by myself or one of the netwomen team ambassadors.

Opportunity to share your challenges with likeminded women- peer to peer support as well as mentoring

Ask searching questions

Be held accountable

Honest and real feedback from business and career women with different skills and abilities.

Being part of a community of like-minded, ambitious women means you’re surrounded by people who will pick you up when you’re down and lift you up when things are going well.


You will:

Prioritise your goals

have some great lightbulb moments

be clear and focussed

feel confident to achieve your goals

get your results faster

You don’t need to come to every mastermind group but it’s FREE for premium + and premium + coaching and corporate members. 

The idea of our mastermind groups is that they are tailored to YOUR needs and goals – not anyone else’s. The last thing I want is for you to feel frustrated because you’re having to watch video lessons and/or attend masterclasses that don’t feel relevant to your business or career right now.

At netwomen we want you to stay focused on what’s right for YOUR business and career so you can explore the challenges that are most relevant to you.  


Ultimately, though, it’s down to you. As with anything, you will get as much out of the groups as you put in. If you are willing to implement goals, take action on them, and take advantage of being part of an incredible group of women,  you can accelerate your business growth. 

Pinky Ghadiali

Pinky Ghadiali

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