The hormone clock -

I’ll admit, I’m a late 20s female, with no kids and no plans to look at my fertility any time soon. But when I hear day on day that the hormone clock is ticking and women are entering the
perimenopause phase earlier and earlier on in their lives, I must admit, I get a little nauseous thinking of my 30th in less than 2 years time.
You see, I grew up in a house full of women. I had my grandmother who was very much past the menopause train, my mother who was very much in the throes of sweats, mood swings and
screaming fatigue, and then there was me, a pre-teen female navigating the world of boobs, boys and periods. So it was a very calm household as you can imagine!

I know what it’s like to live with someone going through perimenopause, to go full on
menopause to the wonderful world of post menopause. And albeit I’ve never been through it myself, I have prepared myself for what is to come in the next decade or so for me. Well, sort of.
If there’s one thing I know about, it’s hormones. As I said, being raised solely by women I have managed to become an expert on treading lightly and consuming my body weight in copious endorphins. We’ve all been there. However, sitting down with my mother and having, “the talk” – yes, that talk – I have realised that as much as the world of menopause is a bit annoying, it’s really nothing to be scared about. So here are 5 things to take away from our conversation from dry vaginas to night sweats. We covered it all!

Number One:
Become your biggest fan – literally!
No one gets a medal for suffering the worst with the dreaded hot flashes. Take a few deep breaths, whip out a fan (be it manual or electrical) and make your way to cool breezes that will bring you back to your grounding. It’s important to breathe normally and try to remain calm, as
that will keep you nice and cool. So sashay with the fan and make like Ru-Paul, cause you are fabulous!

Number Two:
Don’t sweat it!
Pure cotton bedding is going to be your friend. Relax in cotton undies and switch out your duvet for thinner layers of cotton sheets, it will keep you much cooler and help those midnight sweat fests.

Number Three:
Be a bit kinder to yourself.

Look, it’s shit. We know that. But beating yourself up over the brain fog, the sweats and the surprise periods isn’t going to make you feel any better. This is the perfect time to think a bit kinder and love yourself a bit more – your body is working overtime after all!
Make time for calm moments, relaxation and some you time. Remember how your first period felt? Treat yourself as kindly as you did then. Hot water bottles and plenty of rest will help the cramps and fatigue. And maybe invest in some sanitary period pants to avoid the surprise period – they are handy any time of your life!

Number Four:
Things are about to get a bit drier!
It’s no joke when they say it dries up, down there! Keep hydrated, eat well and make sure to take your cranberry supplements and probiotics for healthy flora. But remember if things are feeling a bit off kilter, always visit your doctor, and seek advice from a friend or a menopause expert- those in the know will help you!

Number Five:
It’s not a death sentence!
The amount of women that say their life is over when you hit the menopause age is just wrong. This is where the fun begins! Take your time, ask for help and most importantly, it will be over as fast as it started, take it slowly and look forward to the best years of your life so far!

By Mollie Netwomen ambassador

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