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One thing that I understand that you are going through right now is that you are feeling like you are a fraud. 

I get it. 

You have this nagging voice in your head which tells you that you are not the real deal and you are going to get ‘found out.’

Welcome to Imposter Syndrome. 

Or the ‘imposter experience’ as I like to refer to it (‘syndrome’ makes it sound like I have a medical condition with a red rash on my body and I need to see a dermatologist!) And if you think you are the only one, think again. 

Seriously, it’s something we all get at some point in our lives. No matter what stage you might be at, the CEO of your company, a lawyer, a doctor, a PA, we have all experienced the feeling of being a fraud. Did you know that 70% of women have struggled with the ‘imposter experience’ at various stages of their lives? I don’t know who worked at finding these stats but I believe it. 

As my clients who have worked with coaches in the past and this feeling hasnt gone away. Why is that? 

Well self doubt and Imposter syndrome are 2 different things.

Self doubt is ‘I can’t do this’ and with some support from a book, podcasts and maybe a coach you can overcome this. 

However The majority of women who work with me, have noticed the underlying theme that we as women feel like we don’t belong, that we feel out of place and not good enough. That’s a deeper level of limitations that we put on ourselves and inner critic. 

Like we don’t deserve it. That voice… you know the one. 

This leads to low self confidence, low self esteem and self sabotage which impacts every area of our lives. And when we internalise these feelings we suffer mentally, emotionally and physically and we start playing small. 

The good news is that you can manage it and use it as a catapult to reach higher heights and success. However, until you do, you will continue to feel like you have a bungee rope attached to you and it will keep holding you back and stopping you from breaking that glass ceiling and reaching your goals. 

Michelle Obama, Tina Fey and Maya Angelou to name a few, have been there too. 

If they can do it and they play BIG, so can you.

Here are 3 tips that you can use to help you overcome and crush self doubt:

Remember why you started 

Your true purpose, what makes you jump out of bed every morning? Are you making a difference or are you helping people? What is your WHY? Mine is helping more women become successful, to travel more and to provide for my son.

Reframe your thoughts 

Ask yourself is this a thought or a fact? 99% of the time it’s a thought, a story that you are telling yourself. Something that probably hasn’t even happened and probably won’t happen. Right? 

With that in mind, you can change that thought into a positive statement which you can replace the old thought with. Make it a daily practice and it will change the way that you think, feel and act.

Spend time with loved ones 

When I am feeling low and doubting myself, I spend time with my son and my family outside. Going for a walk or playing tig (or tag!) and a bit of sunshine does the trick by bringing me back to the present moment.

Here’s the reality:

You can’t crush Imposter syndrome with positive thinking and affirmations, doing online courses or reading books. 

You have to do the deeper work and own your inner critic, like I have and many of my clients who I have helped. If you want to dig deeper and overcome your limiting beliefs for good then you need NLP and hypnosis. 

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