New Merch & New Beginnings for Netwomen: 2020 and beyond -

New Merch & New Beginnings for Netwomen: 2020 and beyond

This week our team all received their T-Shirts and Tote bags, thus officially cementing them as Netwomen Ambassadors. As they say, one small step for women, one giant leap for Netwomenkind!


The past few weeks have seen some significant developments happening behind the scenes for us. Clare launched our first ever virtual cook-along and introduced us to the magic of healthy desserts. We are planning more events than ever in celebration of our 5th birthday, and we have announced the launch of ‘Wellness Week’ in October. Finally, our new corporate membership is now live, which will hopefully enable our community to expand into unchartered territory for us and lay foundations for our plans in 2021…

Cheesy smiles galore!

Through unprecedented obstacles, Netwomen evolved this year and whispers about the group are echoing across other networking groups in the UK and USA. Our growth is a credit to our incredible community and we are so excited for where we are heading. It has been humbling to read some of our recent testimonials and we are so proud that we could continue to provide a space for us to be together, when many of us were in isolation. Our developments have meant that over the past few weeks, we have been able to re-visit the main objective for creating the group.


Netwomen, (as well as WiNE and WiNG), has long been intended as a platform to eventually launch a charity from, in the future. Pinky’s passion is, and will always be, to provide a support system for women who have survived traumatic relationships. This means that Netwomen will then evolve to become a social enterprise, which will help fund and run the charity. We are chuffed to say that this goal is now becoming a near reality.


We are currently searching for appropriate sponsors and will have some more news surrounding this soon, as well as some very exciting plans for a post social-distanced world next year.


So stay tuned, and we will see you at our next event!


Lots of love,


The Netwomen Team x

Pinky Ghadiali

Pinky Ghadiali

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