Networking -


Join in on our fun and lively events, where building genuine relationships is just as important as growing your business or your career opportunities

Why should you come?

Working from home or remotely and feeling lonely? 

No-one to ask for support or to listen to you or hold you accountable? 

No one understands what it’s like to run your own business? 

No coffee breaks or water machine chats with your colleagues anymore? 

Want to speak openly about your career challenges in a safe community? 

Can’t remember the last time you socialised with like-minded women in business in a supportive community?

We are here to support you in our nurturing community.

How it works

Building relationships in a relaxed, supportive community 

Collaboration over competition 

build relationships and make new connections 

generate new business, clients and opportunities 

Learning the skill of networking

3 reasons it can help your business

Unique supportive online community who will support you

Generate leads and opportunities to make connections with professional women

Develop the confidence to hold yourself accountable and find your inner power


1-2 times a week

Introduction from founder Pinky, followed by breakout rooms for upto 15 mins and switch for coffee & chat.

Speaker for 20 minutes at some events followed by Q& A and breakout sessions for up to 10 minutes each.

Speed networking 1:1 and switch every 5-10 mins.

Join us

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