Mastermind group -

Mastermind group

Join an amazing group of women to brainstorm and problem solve for your business.

Feeling stuck and struggling to move forward? We will find you the solutions.

You don’t have to do this alone. Whatever you want to achieve whether it’s developing your business or progressing your career you will get much closer to success faster, with support networks brainstorming and mastermind groups.

Make 2020 your year and your decade.

What you will get:

  • Opportunity to share your challenges with like-minded women and ask searching questions 
  • Support systems to hold each other accountable 
  • Honest and real feedback from business and career women with different skills and abilities- peer to peer support 
  • Mentorship

We will enable you to

Prioritise and be confident in achieving your goals

Be clear and focussed

Get your results faster


Women in business or in careers looking for a safe space to talk about challenges in your business or career. FREE for premium + and premium + coaching and corporate partnership members-

Not at all. You can choose which mastermind groups you can attend. You don’t have to be at every one

Introduction from founder Pinky. Then breakout rooms randomly selected with 2 other participants. You will have up to 1 hour to discuss challenges and support each other with this group. Chatham house rules apply as always.

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