How you can work effectively from home -

How you can work effectively from home

One thing is certain: now that we have proven we can operate effectively remotely, home working is here to stay in some form.

Avoid zoom burnout

For those of you who are using zoom more than ever, like me, try a phone call and take the opportunity to have a walk at the same time, which has the added benefits of fresh air and exercise. ‘Think and talk’ has really helped me get away from my kitchen table and tapped into my creativity. Netwalking at Club Synergy has enabled me to build more relationships, whilst being inspired by the outdoors and the environment around me. I am thrilled to announce that Club Synergy have now partnered with us and all Netwomen members will receive the same benefits as a regular Club Synergy Member. . Head over to to find out more about their networking events, including Netwalking and Active Coaching. The best bit? Their Netwalking events are completely free!

Missing your ‘commute’. After any meeting I found the commute was the much needed reflection and thinking time that i needed to process the conversation we had. I find that we are losing the demarcation and thinking time from work to the office and from the office home. Even when you are not going into the office, put your commute back in. I find Beginning my day with a PT session sets me up for the day and ending the day with a walk, bike ride, or run helps me. You will start your day more alert and finish it ready to think about your life outside work.

Make time for support groups. Assess the days you find more difficult to get energised and motivated. Having meetings or a conversation that you know will give you energy/inspire you/provide you with needed perspective for that day/week in advance so you have something to look forward to. Check out our events 

Take a break. With different quarantine rules all over the world, a staycation is more likely this year. Having just taken a week’s holiday, I spent time away from my laptop, Zoom and meetings. I feel energised and have come back with a different perspective to share.

Pinky Ghadiali

Pinky Ghadiali

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