How to survive black friday -

Black Friday is on its way. And it can be overwhelming
at best and downright terrifying at worst. But what I love to tell people is Black Friday is purely a
marketing holiday, nothing more, nothing less. So calm down, blow the smoke off your credit
cards and read this guide on how to survive the most stressful weekend of shopping of the year.

Rule number one:
It’s only a saving if it actually benefits you. So if Tickle Me Elmo is going to make you go into
your overdraft, it’s not worth the stress.
If there is something on your list that is on sale then go for it, but don’t succumb to the pressure
of add ons. They were made to get you to part with your hard earned money. It’s tactical. Put
down the weighted blanket and the diffuser, you don’t need them.

Rule number two:
Have alternatives for high ticket items. Getting into stress over not securing the latest LOL doll
or Minecraft toy (I have no idea what I’m talking about with these toys, but all I know is that they
are expensive and plastic), I guarantee it will make no difference come the big day and gifts are
appreciated of all kinds.

Rule number three:
Sign up a week before to your favourite stores to get ahead of discounts and queues. If you
have the time, you can save a pretty penny by signing up to newsletters a week before the big
shopping day.
Bonus Tip: If you create a separate email address for your sales it will help clear the constant
emails that will come your way come sales season and free up your important inbox.

Rule number four:
Save on delivery costs by staying at one or two outlets. The costs of deliveries can add up, so
by staying at a couple of sales websites, you can cut down on major delivery fees that are hiked
during the winter period.

Rule number five:

Save yourself the stress by ordering a good few weeks before Christmas, 2-3 at the minimum.
This way you can relax when the inevitable portal rush starts and your packages can be lost in transit.

By Mollie Houston- netwomen ambassador

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