How to stick with your new year goals -

 We’ve made it to the first week in January. Yes! And so far we have only wanted to
silence one or two colleagues (albeit with the Resting B*tch Face and the eye roll), and we’ve
said the same “yeah just a quiet one” response approximately 15,000 when asked how the festive season was.
So before we grab the digestives for the 11 am cravings, let’s remind ourselves why we are here
shall we?
Those f*cking New Year resolutions.
Now I know what you are thinking, sure we told our other half we’d have a “walking break” at
11am and instead we are thinking about all the dirty things we’d love to do to an innocent Jaffa
Cake. But let’s be real here, what’s going to change if our mindset isn’t changing with it?
And even if your other half looked stupid in their cycling shorts this morning, isn’t that part of the
fun? To embrace the change?

Look, I hear you. The idea of pulling myself out of bed this morning was up there with drop-kicking puppies and taking a dummy away from a baby.                It was horrifying. But really when it was
all said and done, it wasn’t that bad. Sure I looked a lot worse from the tossing and turning (why
is it you just can’t sleep the night before return to work day?), and maybe I might be a little puffy
and bloated from going “all out” on the cheese that was going off yesterday, but really, I
survived it. And you will too.
Here’s some tips on how to make those NY resolutions last till at least it becomes a habit –

Think SMART:
Ever heard of a SMART goal? SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant,
and timely. It’s an acronym used a lot in business, and also one that fitness professionals rely
on to help clients set doable goals. It’s also pretty handy for any New Year’s resolutions you’re
mulling over right now.

Be more specific:
You might think- I’m going to spend less, work out more, and get promoted. Which is great! But it’s a
little bit broad. The first key to success is focusing on one goal, not three. Then do a quick
reality check.
Write it down:

Journaling can also help you reflect on your progress. Honest reflection can help you to see
how you may be sabotaging yourself or to recognize patterns of behavior. Pictures help too if it
is a visual goal. It’s great for motivation.

Celebrate your successes:
It’s great to reward yourself when you hit a milestone. Make your targets and list what you’ll
reward yourself with when you hit them – it is a great motivational tool!

Remember you are human:
Would you expect someone else to transform their life in a short time with no setbacks? No?
Then go easy on yourself! There are those who spend several days feeling guilty over their
misstep, and then those who acknowledge the screwup but get right back on track. One setback
shouldn’t undo all your efforts. Instead of getting mad and going off the tracks, figure out how to
prevent it from happening again.
And that’s it! Let’s smash those goals and put down the digestive biscuits. We got work to do!

By Mollie ambassador.

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