How to stay mindful over the holidays -

Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of year, but busy shops, deadlines and
family stress can make the festive season a tough one to handle.
Going on autopilot is an easy thing to do during the festive season, but that helps no one.
Especially you.
So this year, especially after the pressures of last year, why don’t you learn to not sweat the
small stuff and actually enjoy the holiday!

1. Get over it.
Christmas will never be Julie Andrews singing carols to your rosy cheeked children. Nor will it
resemble a Hallmark movie. So remove that image from the brain and focus on just getting
through the season relatively stress free.
Taking the time to reflect upon this and to recognise that expectations are potential
disappointments frees us up to enjoy Christmas as it is – and the chaos it brings.

2. Leave social media alone.
Oh, we know that as soon as that last firework dims on bonfire night a haze begins amongst the general public that the fight for the “perfect” Christmas begins.
Don’t even try it. Forget it. Leave the Festive Pinterest boards alone and don’t even bother
making a door wreath out of sustainably sourced festive flora and fauna. Go to M&S like a normal
sane minded person and whack it on the door.
The same goes for home baked Christmas goods. Unless you enjoy it, leave it to our old pal Mr
Kipling and save us an Eggnog.
Social media presents a distorted version of reality and what you actually see is probably far
from the truth

3. When all else fails, walk it out.
Over Christmas, we often find ourselves going a bit stir-crazy! The cabin crazies set in after a
few days cooped up with the same people – and you end up in a mindless slump watching
repeats of old Carry-On movies. No thank you, matron.
Make an effort to get outdoors – if you can, make a trip to a forest or nature reserve, or the
beach if you’re able to get there. If not, even a stroll around a park is enough to clear your mind
and blow away the cobwebs.

Bring the fam, or don’t. But make time to get out and breathe some clean, fresh air that doesn’t
smell like cinnamon or Quality Street.
It will do wonders for the mind!

4. Recharge
Just like the batteries you forget to buy on Christmas Eve, we all lose our charge sometimes.
Spending lots of time socializing over Christmas can be tiring – especially after the last few
years of a pandemic.
It’s a good idea to find a little quiet time to be alone and recharge your batteries.
A good way to find your inner balance is to meditate or simply find a calm place to sit and think.
If you find it hard to sit still without an activity to occupy you, then why not try a spot of reading?
Or even a nice magazine and a cuppa.
Remember, nothing works unless you do. So in order to have a stress free festive season, you
have to be stress free yourself.

By Mollie Netwomen ambassador

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