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I get it. The last year and a half have been rough on a lot of us. If you feel like you have lost
your way then you are not alone. Life has been throwing us all curveballs left, right and centre
and it’s been hard to get life on track.

Finding inner strength is a must for any great entrepreneur. It will give you the ability to
overcome obstacles and bounce back from failures – because failures are inevitable.
From life changes to work changes and everything in between, it can feel a little overwhelming
to get back on track. So here are a few lessons on how to be gentle on yourself in the wake of
life changes.

Inner strength is a concept open for interpretation. Psychologists use the term “finding inner
strength” to refer loosely to the wide range of mental and emotional resources (behaviors, skills
and attitudes) that keep us stable and adaptable in life.
First of all, find your inner peace. Which can be easier said than done I know. But it’s imperative
that you look after yourself when sh*t hits the fan. Take a day or even a weekend to yourself.

Find your centre and get back to you. It’s the most important thing to do when you need
guidance. Revel in the calm and life seems to fall into place.
The second thing to do is to make a list of everything that needs to be done, and the order of importance.
Look at bills, upcoming events, etc and get them in order. It can be very therapeutic to look at
everything in front of you as opposed to flying about in your head. Take the time and go through
everything that stresses you and work out a plan to put it into practice.

Third Incorporate the power of priming into your morning rituals. This dynamic technique helps
you adjust your mindset and set the tone for your day. Other rituals include incantations and
goal visualization.
Next is to turn your “shoulds” into “musts:” A must is something that you simply cannot live
without doing. And when it comes to living the life of your dreams, every single step you need to
take to get there is a “must.”
Set yourself up for success: Developing your internal resources takes more than just asking
“What is inner strength?” It means priming yourself to find the strength you’re seeking. Set
yourself up for success by building a routine and empowering mindset. Focus on your strengths
and how you’ll use them to get to the next step.

And lastly, look at having someone help put your vision into practice. Here at Netwomen we
have the amazing Pinky Ghadiali who is a women’s life and business coach. She works with
women across the UK and globe to help you create your killer mindset that dismisses your inner
critic, overcome imposter syndrome and puts you on the right track for professional and
personal success.

Pinky is a mindset coach specialising in imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs eating psychology and emotional eating and she
also trained with the co-founder of NLP in London along with Richard Bandler and Paul
McKenna to become a Master Practitioner in NLP.
If you are looking to work with Pinky – check out her amazing courses here.

By Mollie Houston netwomen ambassador

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