How to reinvent your career -

We have all been there.

Clocking in on a dull Monday morning, emails from the weekend racking up and the unenthusiastic team Zoom meeting that was a failed attempt at boosting some team morale, when it hits you, right in your freshly caffeinated face.

I hate my f*cking job.

Oh girl, I feel you. There have been many days where I have muttered those same exact words when I can hear Linda from Accounting babbling about her banana bread or when my boss at the time asks for “some skin in the game with this new project” even though I’ve clocked up 35
overtime hours, unpaid I might add. I’ve very much been there, and I can attest that my version of the above statement was very much more colourful in language.

Okay so we have established that we need out of this job quick spot. But how do we get out of it? I mean as much as the Government was telling us that we had to re-train over lockdown, andwe all rolled our eyes in rebuttal, we have to start somewhere right? So let’s dust off that degree and put it to good use – and if anything we still remember how to make tequila slammers from freshers week right?

First step we need to understand why we are moving careers. Yes we mentioned the boss and
Linda’s cardboard bread, but we need a better reason than that to jump the career train.
Look at why you are unhappy. Are you not fulfilled enough? Is your career going to a dead end?
Are you not seeing progression? Or are you simply just not following your dreams? These are all valid answers, and ones to make a significant life decision. So let’s get them outlined and keep those in mind for now.

The next step is to do some skills reconnaissance. Look at what you have a great level of skill in. Look at what you are passionate about. Can you improve on these? Are there courses you can attend to boost your qualifications? Jump on that train and get stepping! The more you build
your skill set on the way to leaving your current role, the easier of a time you will have getting to the role of your dreams.

Finally, you need to remove your biggest mind obstacle. You might be thinking of many reasons
not to jump ship and make a scary life leap, but remember all the reasons you made in the first
step, these are what will push you to make that motion to change your trajectory of your career.
All these misgivings can be overcome. The key is to make the mental shift from wanting
something different to actually doing something about it. The biggest obstacle of all is you.

Ultimately, if you can believe it, you can achieve it.

By Mollie netwomen ambassador

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