How To Network On Zoom -

How To Network On Zoom

We all know how easy it was pre covid to attend business networking events and conferences. However none of these are possible anymore. There are other ways to connect and build relationships online. 

How can you make professional connections? How can you strengthen your relationships in your team when you work remotely? 

As a coach I have always built relationships virtually around the globe. When you are on a virtual video call, remember that you are presenting. You can still be seen, heard and emotions can be relayed across the screen. In fact it’s like you are broadcasting. 

Here are 3 tips to help you network more effectively 

Remember to LOOK at the camera! 

The number of calls I have had where you aren’t looking at the camera lens is so frustrating. Look at the light next to the camera on your PC or tablet or even put a post it note next to the camera with an arrow on it to remind you where to look. You will be able to see the difference in no time! 

Practice a pitch 

You might have to deliver a quick pitch in the room when you start the event. In which case there might be 20+ people in the room so to grab the attention of the room and leave an impression, the last thing you want to do is waffle and be unclear in how you help people. You can do this in 2 steps 

Identify the problem and who is that? (You might need to check your avatar(s) for this) How you solve that problem and what benefit that has for them. 

Build relationships DON’T SELL 

If you have the opportunity to speak with other attendees in smaller groups then use the time to find out about the people in the group. Ask questions. People love talking about themselves! Find commonality. They speak different languages and so do you? Great. If you have nothing in common then get curious about a skill that they possess. Perhaps they know someone who can help you in an area that you need right now. 

Then remember to follow up! What is the point of networking if you don’t follow up with a 1:1? 

Join networks where you can practise your skills and have the confidence to go and try other groups that aren’t as development focused as ours like Ema did…

Pinky Ghadiali

Pinky Ghadiali

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