How to create a Mindset worth thinking about -

We all want to know how to make it big in the world. Be it in business, in life or growing a successful family. Sometimes we idolise the rich and famous for simply having it all. But do they really have it all? Or is it just a really great mindset?

We all know the 24 hour, 7 days a week nose to the grind type person, and while that may bring in success in the early days, you have definitely seen them experience burnout at least a handful of times since you’ve known them, and it sure wasn’t pretty.

Yes, hard work and determination are very solid keys to success, but they aren’t everything.
Maintaining and creating a killer mindset for yourself is one of the best ways to achieve your goals.

Here are 3 ways on how you can get your groove back and improve your mindset for today:

Don’t focus on your losses 
Learn from them. Use them as a training tool. Any person who has achieved great successes in life can rattle off a laundry list of spectacular failures, yes, even worse than deleting years worth
of client data…because we have all done that.
Every loss can turn out to be a win in the long run. So pick yourself up and give yourself a dust down, you are going to be absolutely fine.

Set small goals 
I know we all dream for the big wins, but the little ones can be just as important. Setting important little steps in between your dramatic milestones can help with morale and motivation.
Make the time to hit your mini goals and they will seem just as important as the big ones.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself 
Woah! You were about to bash yourself there, don’t! You don’t have to day in and day out be
negative about your successes. Turn that frown upside down and change that mindset
manually. Curb negative thoughts before they take root and set in your mind, enforce them with positive thinking, and create a habit of positive thoughts and mindsets. Before you know it you’ll be
thinking like a champ!
Don’t let bad thoughts live in your mind rent free. Give them their eviction notice. It’s time for you to grow!

By  Mollie Houston, netwomen ambassador

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