Are you lacking in productivity? -

Bill Gates once said that he employs lazy people to find ways of doing processes faster and more efficiently, so his business runs more smoothly. And while that worked great for him, sometimes the ol’ motivation train ain’t leaving the station and you are stuck in procrastination-ville, population: you.

I know it’s hard to get the creativity and chutzpah you get up and go, (no seriously, I’m writing this article in my pajamas at 11am on a Monday) but sometimes life needs you to put on your big girl pants, and just get on with it.

So here’s 3 tips on how to get on down to motivation station and get that show on the road:

Number 1 – Get Organised

I know this may seem like a daunting task, but trust me, start small and work your way up. Start by looking at your diary the night before, make sure you have all your calls/meetings and deadlines outlined, that way you know what’s coming up and how to plan your day. It’s a big part of setting up your day the night before, that way you aren’t running everywhere and juggling everything at the same time.

Number 2 – Get Some GOOD Sleep

Seriously, good sleep is key here. A night of restless tossing and turning is only going to put you in a bad mood and make you irritated throughout the day – and no one wants that. So get nice and cosy, sleep tight and get your recommended 8 hours of snooze time, you’ll be raring to go!

Number 3 – Turn Off Notifications

I know we want to keep up with the squad’s Whatsapps but you have a list of tasks as long as your arm and not got all day, so switch off the girls for a few hours and get your power hour on. Turning off your notifications is a great way to reduce distractions and an even better way to
power through your task list. No notifications means no distractions and sometimes that is just what you need to get the job done.

Alright girl, now get out there and get that coin!

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